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The Hero’s Journey Virtual Summit

The Hero's Journey Summit, presented by BraveHearts, will take a close look at the 4 stages of sexual addiction recovery and betrayal trauma healing.

Join us for this 5-day virtual summit featuring 40 speakers sharing real stories about their recovery and healing journeys from sexual integrity and betrayal trauma healing. The summit will help you identify your stage and how to move from Hopeful to Heroic, from Recovery to Redemption. Join us for this unforgettable 5-day virtual summit.



Frustration, despair, or hopelessness may have worn you down. But somehow, you summoned up the courage to fight and not give up on yourself. And now you’re here, Hopeful and looking for solutions. You’ve come to the right place.



On your Hero’s Journey, Gutsy is where the hard work and heavy lifting of recovery and healing happens. Expect to be here for a while because recovery is a marathon, not a sprint.



Braveful is a beautiful place to be. While there’s still more recovery work to be done, you now look forward to it as you shift your focus from repair work to growth work.



Congratulations! You’re now living a redemptive life. As you continue to use the recovery tools and resources to maintain your recovery and healing, your focus is now on serving God and helping others.

The Hero’s Journey Summit

From Recovery to Redemption

  • Get 24/7 access to 50+ hours of faith-based advice from 40 experts in our critically-acclaimed, previously held 10-day virtual summit.
  • Ideal for sexual strugglers and betrayed partners, an All-Access Pass is also a great resource for counselors, mentors, and coaches.
  • Collectively, our experts have 1,500+ years of personal recovery experience and 2,000+ years of recovery ministry experience.
  • Our goal is to educate, encourage, and support you while you’re on this healing journey. You’re not alone. We’re here to help.

There was a lot of healing that took place in my heart while listening to all of these stories because it validated my own experiences and how they impacted me and what I have been trying to help my husband understand but he couldn't.

S.L.Breaking Free Summit Attendee

There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that everyone should buy an All-Access Pass to any of your Summits when available. Now we have all of the material forever, review what we need, digest what we can and put it all to good use in our recovery.

L.L.Breaking Free & Restored Summit Attendee

I am so thankful for you both and very encouraged by you all. I'm still sober and have now reached 205 days which is unbelievable. Much of which I attribute to Breaking Free Summit.

J.O.Breaking Free Summit Attendee

Day one was great! Looking forward to this supper lineup of 40 top Christian experts on breaking free from the sin we're dealing with. The interviews with Stephen Arterburn (New Life Ministries) and Nate Larkin (Samson Society) are worth more than the price of an All-Access Pass.

G.F.Breaking Free & Restored Summit Attendee

I feel like this summit was so informative and soothing at the same time. It was the immersion in the truth that I needed. It validated me in my grief, hurt, and pain.

C.K.Breaking Free Summit Attendee

The Hero’s Journey Summit Topics

Gain expert insights and wisdom on these key topics.
Sexual Strugglers
Betrayal Trauma
Guilt & Shame
Shock & Grief
Recovery/Support Group
Denial & Delusion
Discovery & Disclosure
Daily Disciplines
Past Trauma
Managing Feelings & Emotions
Healthy Intimacy
Restoring Trust
Spiritual Growth
Helping Others
4 Stages of Recovery

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that everyone should buy an All-Access Pass to any of your Summits when available. Now we have all of the material forever, review what we need, digest what we can, and put it all to good use in our healing and recovery journeys.

Larry & LindaSummit Attendees

Summit Interviews

Day 1

4 Stages from Recovery to Redemption - Michael & Christine Leahy, CPM
Finally Coming To The End Of Yourself - David Wedel, CPM
From Desperation to Determination & Vision - Stephanie Hylton, CPM
From Untold Pain to Joyful Redemption - Karen Rellos, CPM
Removing the Mask of Performance-Driven Pastor - Trent Dollyhigh, CPM
Double Trouble: Why Betrayal & Alcohol Don't Mix - Karen Hills, CPM
Developing Self-Awareness & Intimacy - Nathaniel Gustafson, M.Div, MA
Trauma to Transformation - Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT

Day 2

The Healing Journey from Long-Term Betrayal - Mary Murphy, CPM
Breaking a Legacy of Abuse & Shame - John Capps, CPM
Deja vu Part 1: Twin Sisters Redeemed - Jamie Lyn Reid, CPM
How to Conquer Your Secret Habits - Shawn Bonneteau, CPM
Triage: Emergency Help for the Sexually Betrayed - Susan Smith, CPM
ACES's & Recovery: Why Past Trauma Matters - Rocky Pisor, CPM
Finding the Healing Love that Conquers All Betrayals - Lori Pyatt, CPM
Returning to God through Grace-Based Recovery - Jonathan Daugherty

Day 3

The Power of Groups in Healing From Betrayal - Kim Capps, CPM
How You Can Pursue Biblical Sexual Integrity - Robert Posner, CPM
Finding Perfect Love - Helena Bonneteau, CPM
Freedom Formula: Spiritual & Clinical Convergence - Dr. Charles Dusse
Finding Your True Identity After Betrayal - Lila Pisor, CPM
Taking a Deep Dive for Freedom & Restoration - Jay Pyatt, CPM
Finding Help, Healing, & Redemption - Marnie Ferree, LMFT

Day 4

Your Marriage Renewed & Restored - Stephanie Hamby, CPM
Redeeming Technology as a Tool for Recovery - John Kelm, CPM
Deja vu Part 2: Twin Sisters Redeemed - Stephanie Stafford, CPM
Freedom: How to Find it & Help Others - Lynn Fox, CPM
Building Resilience & Patient Endurance - Allison Iverson, CPM
2nd Chances: Redemption & Reconciliation - Greg Bruce, CPM
Reclaiming Yourself & Finding Your Voice - Tammy Gustafson, LPC
How to Live Porn Free in a Pornographic World - Matt Dobschuetz

Day 5

Overcoming Sex Addiction & Childhood Trauma - David Hall, CPM
You're Not Along - Kathy Kelm, CPM
Choosing Ministry Over Misery - KP Kirk Sr., CPM
The Journey Home Where God is Enough - Jana Fehr, CPM
A Pastor's Journey from Despair to Redemption - Kenny Smith, CPM
Truth, Safety, & Commitment - Dr. Fran Hopwood, CPM
Band of Brothers: Your Traveling Companions - Vern Tompke, CPM
Finding Empowerment & Joy - Marsh Means, MA
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Meet Our Experts

We interviewed 40 faith-based experts in betrayal trauma, partner support, and sexual addiction for the Hero’s Journey Summit. Click on any image below to learn more about them.

Matt Dobschuetz

Coach, Author, Podcaster

Matt is the host of Porn Free Radio. With over 2 million downloads, it's the top-rated podcast for motivated guys who want to quit looking at porn. His hope-filled approach to a subject many have trouble talking about has inspired a global audience of men to take action and transform their lives.

In 2022, Matt's first book, Porn Free: Becoming the Type of Man Who Does Not Look at Porn, was an Amazon bestseller, hitting #1 in eight categories, including Men's Health, Men's Christian Living, and Sexual Addiction & Recovery. From his home in suburban Chicago, Matt podcasts and runs a professional coaching practice.

He is happily married to his wife, Janice, with whom he has been friends since college. Together, they have two teenage sons. Matt is a diehard Chicago Bears fan, a coffee enthusiast, and a lover of old-school hip-hop.

Jonathan Daugherty

President, Be Broken Ministries

Jonathan is the founder and president of Be Broken and founder of the Gateway to Freedom 3-day workshop for men. He hosts the weekly podcast Pure Sex Radio and is in demand nationally as a speaker on sexual integrity and men’s issues. He has appeared on multiple radio and television media. He has authored Grace-Based Recovery, The 4 Pillars of Purity, Secrets, and other works.

Tammy Gustafson, LPC

Counselor & Coach

Tammy Gustafson is a trauma-informed licensed professional counselor and coach who helps wives pick up the broken pieces of their hearts after sexual betrayal, find their strength, navigate the counter-intuitive healing process, and reclaim their worth and value.

Nathaniel Gustafson, M.Div, MA

Counselor & Coach

Nathaniel is the founder of TenderHearted Men, a counseling and coaching practice in Castle Rock, CO. He helps clients engage emotions to develop self-awareness and augment relational intimacy. Nathaniel has the unique ability to offer compassion mixed with a challenge, holding the needs of the individual and the couple simultaneously. Nathaniel holds both a Master of Arts in Counseling and a Master of Divinity and has specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy and EMDR. On the days away from his kids and wife, you might be able to find Nathaniel fly fishing or disc golfing.

Marnie Feree, LMAT, CSAT

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Marnie founded and directs Bethesda Workshops, a short-term intensive treatment program for sex addicts, partners of sex addicts, couples, and teens struggling with problematic sexual behavior. She speaks and writes passionately about God’s redemption in everyday life.

Shawn Bonneteau, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor & Podcaster

Shawn is the co-founder of Secret Habit, where he works as the Lead Coach and Co-Host of the Secret Habit Podcast. He is a Certified Inner Child Recovery Specialist, Bravehearts Mentor, and Husband Material Coach. Shawn works with men to overcome sexual brokenness and unwanted sexual behaviors through a grace-based Christian Coaching approach.

Christine Leahy, M.Ed, CPM

Co-CEO BraveHearts

Christine is an Army veteran previously tasked with special orders to train soldiers in the Army Suicide Prevention Program. She was awarded three Army Commendation Medals, two Army Achievement Medals, the distinguished honor graduate award, and the Soldier of the Cycle award. In 2014 the Joint Special Operations Command of the US Army invited her and Michael to speak on sex addiction and recovery.

A nationally and internationally experienced speaker, Christine’s past speaking engagements have included story-based evangelism events on college campuses, Masters of Ceremonies for the United States Army Birthday Ball, and narrator/presenter for a multi-million dollar tour production of the Army’s history called Spirit of America before arena audiences typically exceeding 15,000 people.

Her extensive education includes acute stress, grief, and trauma, the Community Resiliency Model, the HEART Model, assessment and treatment of PTSD, compassion fatigue, and compassion stress management. She is a member of the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology and the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Michael Leahy, CPM

Co-CEO of BraveHearts, Certified Professional Mentor

A nationally recognized author, speaker, and expert on pornography and sexual addiction recovery, Michael is the author of five books (Moody Publishing), including Porn Nation: Conquering America’s #1 Addiction. He has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, The View, Good Morning America, CNN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and countless local media outlets. His books, articles, and speaking events have reached an audience of over 100 million people worldwide.

In addition to being a popular speaker in churches and at church conferences, Michael was one of Cru’s top evangelistic speakers on college campuses for nearly a decade. In his critically acclaimed “Porn Nation” and “Exposed” campus evangelism events, Michael used his expertise and personal redemption story to educate and share the Gospel with over 100,000 students on hundreds of college campuses worldwide, resulting in thousands praying to receive Christ.

He also served on the Board of the International Association of Certified Sexual Addiction Specialists (IACSAS) for five years, is a Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist (CPSAS), and managed the development of IACSAS’ pastoral care counselor certification program.

Michael pioneered the creation and development of professional mentoring as a new approach to providing quality mental health care for those who struggle with sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. Hundreds of men and women, most of whom have successfully navigated their way through their own recovery journey, have received world-class training to become Certified Professional Mentors™ through Bravehearts’ critically acclaimed Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™ mentor training and certification program.

Dr. Fran Hopwood, APSATS-CPC

Certified Professional Mentor

Fran switched to personal coaching after walking her own healing journey from betrayal trauma. . Fran uses all her first hand knowledge of the challenges of healing from betrayal and her professional knowledge and skills within the Naked Truth Project's Wholehearted Partner Program. Fran also has her own professional coaching business (Holding Hope) to support women seeking healing, freedom and growth from the effects of problematic sexual behavior in their relationships. Fran's passion for working with women affected by infidelity stems not only from being a partner but also from her experience of divorce from two previous marriages affected by infidelity.

Greg Bruce, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

CTBF, Inc. & Created To Be Free Mentoring exist because we recognize and are concerned about the pandemic nature of sex and pornography addiction and human trafficking. Using a Biblically-based, trauma- & clinically-informed approach, we strive to offer the best, most contemporary mentoring services to men, women & families locally and worldwide, with in-person or electronic meetings. To date, we’ve served men & families in 10 countries worldwide.

In addition to working directly with the addict & their family, we are dedicated to helping churches and civic organizations reach out to their local communities by educating and equipping them to offer a path to freedom from addiction to those in their neighborhoods.

Because we are a faith-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry, whenever possible, we utilize a sliding fee scale for groups, 1-on-1 Mentoring, speaking, and training. The ministry belongs to God; He graciously allows us to manage it.

Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Mark and Debbie founded Faithful & True, where today, Debbie facilitates therapy groups and counsels spouses who have been relationally betrayed. She speaks at training events and workshops around the country, and is the author of Shattered Vows and co-author of Seven Desires with her late husband, Dr. Mark Laaser. Her recent research project, “Post-traumatic Growth in Relationally Betrayed Women,” was published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.

Trent Dollyhigh, M.Div, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Trent Dollyhigh is the founder of Be Vulnerable Mentoring, a recovery mentoring ministry. He knows first-hand the long-term damaging effects of pornography. He has experienced healing from trauma, divorce, and pornography. His past immaturity, lack of courage, unhealthy sexuality, and fear as a lead pastor cost him almost everything. He has done the hard work of recovering from his failure to now years of living in freedom.

His passion is to guide others from their brokenness to redemption. He has experience with clinical and residential treatment and years of recovery work specializing in sexual addiction and trauma. He works with men and couples and is available for 1-on-1 mentoring, intensives, speaking engagements, group mentoring, and wilderness trips. If you're looking for a trauma-informed mentor with personal experience with sexual addiction and recovery, contact Trent to begin the journey to hope and healing.

Marsha Means, MA

Founder, A Circle of Joy

With 4 kids under 6 and being blindsided by her husband’s pornography and infidelity and nothing appearing as it seemed, Melody discovered that going into and through the pain was the only way out of the pain. She reluctantly chose to embark upon a personal journey of healing and self-discovery. Melody is passionate about helping other women recover and bounce back and believes that stewarding the pain of our past breathes hope into another person's future.

Helena Bonneteau, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Helena is the Co-Founder of Secret Habit Coaching and is the Co-Host of The Secret Habit Podcast. She has a deep passion for helping women give their pain a voice and does so through her virtual course called "Beneath The Skin"

Jana Fehr, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Jana and Leigh have been married for 22 years and have four children. They have served overseas in missions and full-time ministry in the States. She has 12+ years of experience home-schooling her children and loves this part of life's journey! Jana understands relational trauma through her first-hand experience of her husband's betrayal through pornography addiction. She works with betrayed partners and believes in God's plan for redemption in marriage. She is a trauma-informed mentor with experience with sexual addiction, relational intimacy brokenness, and deception. Jana carries a personal vision for wholeness for women who need to know it is possible!

Robert Posner, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Robert and his wife, Judy, are founders of 24:16 Ministries. 24:16 Ministries exist to help men build and maintain a life that pursues Biblical sexual integrity and to help wives find healing from the trauma of betrayal. Robert is passionate about sharing from his life experiences (successes and failures) what he has learned to help Pastors and their families live in the freedom and joy of Christ. Robert enjoys traveling with his wife, riding motorcycles, reading, and having game time with family and friends. Robert and Judy have been married for 39 years.

Vern Tompke, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Vern is a survivor of porn addiction and has leveraged his recovery to work with men and pastors who are struggling with a similar struggle. He leads weekly groups for both pastors and regular guys who are looking for freedom in this area. Several churches and counseling centers use his video course "Finding Traction" to give structure and focus to their men's groups.

Kim Capps, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Kim is the founder and President of Hurt Meets Healer, LLC, a business created from her and her husband's journey through sexual addiction and betrayal. As a mom, Kim has worked in many fields, from Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT/RCP), Missionary and Worship Pastor, to running her own IT company for the past 17 years, giving her a wealth of experience in mentoring, leadership, and communication.

A musician/songwriter, Kim enjoys playing the piano, singing, and writing & producing her own songs. She also enjoys golf, vacationing in the mountains, and playing with her granddaughter.

Kim is a Certified Professional Mentor™, has completed Professional Life Coaching coursework, and is in the process of receiving the Certified Christian Life Coach credential through the American Association of Christian Counselors. Her passion is guiding betrayed spouses of sex/porn addicts along their healing journey. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the International Christian Coaching Association.

John Capps, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Assisting & supporting men on their journey of recovery & healing through 1-on-1 & group mentoring is my mission. My recovery journey began in 2019 after more than 40 years of struggle with porn, infidelity & addiction & I’ve made most of the mistakes possible & yet continue to grow in healing. My first mistake was thinking I/it wasn’t as bad as I/it was; my second was thinking I didn’t need help. I’ve lost count of what number I’m on…& yet I have an incredibly gracious God who saw fit to give me the gift of an incredibly gracious wife. These factors, coupled with the daily work of recovery, continue the healing journey as God works out redemption & restoration in me & my beautiful wife shows me more grace than I can imagine & way more than I deserve.

Married 33+ years, we own a small ranch where we raise Angus beef. I enjoy travel, gardening & camping.

Stephanie Hamby, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Stephanie is the founder of Renewed Restored and a Recovery Coach with experience helping betrayed partners through recovery and transformation. Specializing in partner trauma, Stephanie uses that experience to help women by coming alongside them as they navigate the confusion, grief, and wounds of intimate partner betrayal. She guides them to understanding betrayal trauma's complexities and overwhelming effects.

Focusing on supplying a safe space that is partner and trauma-focused, filled with genuine compassion, and Christ-focused, Stephanie has professional qualifications as a Master Certified Life Coach, Certified Professional Mentor™ enabling her to equip women with resources to support their healing and growth through a trauma-informed model. She is an APSATS Trainee in the process of ERCEM and Full Disclosure training.

She has acquired extensive training in Sexual betrayal, Partner Trauma, Trauma Crisis Response, Stress Management Coaching, Women's Coaching, Mental Health Coaching, Treating Affairs-Sexual Betrayal, Sexual addiction, Compulsive Sexual Behavior, Cognitive Behavior, Rational Emotive Behavior, Emotional Intelligence, and Cognitive Emotional Processing.

J "Lynn" Fox, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Over the last 15 years, Lynn has led men through the Walking Free and Pure Desire sexual addiction recovery programs, and was a speaker and facilitator at a Husband Material Conference. He has also spoken on sexual brokenness in churches.

Lynn utilizes a one-on-one discipleship model to address the behavioral, neuro-chemical, and spiritual challenges that Christian men face with unwanted sexual behaviors.

David Hall, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

David is the founder and CEO of Overcoming Walls, a Christian ministry that mentors those struggling with sexual addictions, SSA, or childhood trauma. He and his team mentors online or in-person, including 1:1, small groups, and church leadership training.

His experience includes a Christian based 12 Step Recovery Program geared toward Sexual Addiction recovery, Childhood Trauma training, and Church & Missions Leadership. That, coupled with 10 years of recovery experience, is the foundation of his recovery ministry.

KP Kirk Sr., CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

KP has retired from public teaching and is mentoring men seeking sexual integrity and purity, one-on-one and through online groups with Bravehearts and Pure Desire. He calls his ministry "ReCon 3" for reconciling relationships, reconstructing lives, and reconnecting with God, others, and self. His passion is for freedom in Christ and abundance in lives and relationships, believing that we find true joy in our disciplined journey to Father God through Jesus Christ.

Connection is the opposite of addiction, where we find healing through the love and caring of each other. Sharing our deepest hurts and hopes relieves the awful burden of isolation, and the connection is the first step in establishing a foundation for healing life's traumas.

An avid outdoorsman, he loves being in nature and experiencing the beauty and wonder of Father God's creation.

Karen Rellos, CPC, BCM, CCLC

Certified Professional Mentor

Karen is passionate about walking alongside women impacted from sexual betrayal. She believes Hope, Healing + Restoration is totally possible with proper guidance, validation, education, resources, and support within a safe space to process the devastation and impact of betrayal trauma. Karen has been trained and certified through Karen is also trained in Intimacy Anorexia and understands the additional struggles this brings into the healing/recovery journey (after sobriety) within the marriage relationship. She facilitates women's groups walking through the pain of divorce, as well as, Pastors wives and Coaches individually.

Mary Murphy, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

When Mary experienced her first betrayal early in her marriage, there were few, if any, resources to help either the sexual struggler or the spouse. The advice she received was, “don’t ask questions, keep silent, forgive, forget, get over it.”

Sadly, many women still get the same counsel. As a result, Mary founded Ragged to Redeemed, a mentoring ministry devoted to helping women heal from the hurt and trauma of sexual and emotional betrayal. A former pastor's wife, she understands firsthand the feelings of grief and desperation. Her passion is to walk with women to hope and healing, particularly those whose husbands are, or have been, in ministry leadership positions.

Mary is a retreat and special events speaker and author of the award-winning book Joseph: Beyond the Coat of Many Colors, as well as articles for Focus on the Family, Voice of Truth (Women World Leaders), and other publications.

Karen Hills, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Karen is a Certified Professional Mentor who specializes in helping women heal from their emotionally destructive marriage, build a tolerance for emotional distress, and foster post-traumatic growth.

When Karen experienced betrayal trauma in her marriage over twenty years ago, support for the traumatized spouse did not exist. As a result, she used alcohol to numb her pain. Time was her healer, and painfully she went through it alone. Now after walking in freedom from alcohol addiction for over 10 years, her mission is to help women avoid using unhealthy coping mechanisms to heal from the pain of betrayal.

Karen is also a Certified Mental Health Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors. The combined training and coursework have equipped her to help partners overcome triggers, resentment, addiction, shame, and anxiety.

She provides private and group mentoring. Contact her today to schedule your FREE Confidential Consultation so that together, you can discover the hope and healing you deserve.

Stephanie Hylton, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Stephanie Hylton is a Certified Professional Mentor and holds an M.Ed in Counseling from Northern Arizona University. More importantly, she is an overcomer. Since 2017, Stephanie and her husband have continued to travel on their recovery journey. Initially, they sought out mentors from their church but to no avail. They even went to another big church in the area—no such luck. Stephanie told herself then, that she would someday be a mentor for others. She is in the beginning stages of her ministry and hopes to get her website up and running in a few months. In the meantime, she would love to connect one-on-one with other women and be the mentor she desperately needed when her life shattered.
Chris is a BraveHearts board member with six years of sexual addiction recovery experience. His heart aches for men and families broken by addiction and he has a strong desire to help them find hope, healing and forgiveness.

Allison Iverson, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Allison is a betrayal trauma-informed Certified Professional Mentor™ who guides women out of betrayal and despair into the light of Jesus Christ to achieve Truth, Safety, and Peace. Allison understands the trials, dysfunction, and pain of abuse, betrayal trauma, a spouse of an addict, and relational brokenness on a deeply personal level.

She has experienced healing from divorce from her first marriage with physical & sexual abuse and betrayal and deception as a spouse of multiple addictions. As well as healing from her current husband’s betrayal with sex/porn addiction, intimacy, anorexia®, and multiple addictions.

She has received various harmful advice through the years and is passionate about getting women the specific help they need to heal from the crisis they are in.

Allison works with betrayed partners, abused women, partners of addicts, and partners of intimacy anorexia®. She will meet you wherever you are in your healing, faith, and relationship and is available for 1-on-1 and group mentoring.

John Kelm, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

John, and his wife, Kathy, co-founded Redemption Road Mentoring in 2022 to respond to God's call to them to share their experiences and hopes in recovery. Previously John was co-founder and president of a successful manufacturing execution and performance software company and consultant.

Kathy Kelm, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Kathy is the Co-Founder and Certified Professional Mentor with Redemption Road Mentoring. She works with spouses dealing with betrayal trauma, anger, and trust issues to lead them to a redemptive life. Redemption Road offers Christ Centered mentoring programs for strugglers, spouses, and couples. Before this, Kathy was engaged as a healthcare professional and has also owned and managed an insurance agency.

Jamie Lyn Reid, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Jamie is a partner with her twin sister, Stephanie, and they both run their mentoring business called Renewing the Ruined online. Jamie is a homeschool mom and a part-time bookkeeper for a small church. Jamie is most passionate about mentoring hurting women and leading them to restoration and recovery from the pain of betrayal.

Jay Pyatt, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Jay Pyatt works with his wife Lori as part of The Couple Cure. He helps guys struggling with addiction and relationship repair. Jay has a number of mentoring options including 1-on-1, group, and couples. Most recently he has seen huge growth for men in his Deep Dive groups.

Jay and Lori currently live in Michigan. He likes to run, talk about his cats, and canoe/kayak (when the weather is good).

Lori Pyatt, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Lori helps women and couples through Group & Personal Mentoring. She and her husband use techniques from 25 years of research & are 90% successful in helping couples heal the relationship.

Susan Smith, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Susan is co-founder (along with her husband, Kenny) of Mended Mentors, a ministry for mentoring male sex addicts and the female spouses of sex addicts. She has completion certificates with AASAT, including Partner Betrayal Trauma, Partner Recovery, Sex Addiction, and Intimacy Anorexia. Susan has also experienced betrayal trauma and has come through it with a mended heart and marriage. Her recently published book, "Triage: Emergency Help for the Sexually Betrayed," is available on Amazon. This book is a spiritual and clinical journey to healing.

Kenny Smith, M.Div, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Kenny is the co-founder of Mended Mentors, along with his wife, Susan. He has hundreds of hours of specialized training in this field, accompanied by a pastor's heart for the people he mentors. He has been married to Susan for almost 45 years and is the father of two grown daughters. Kenny served as pastor of several churches and is also a successful business manager in a family-owned group of automobile dealerships in Knoxville, TN. He has been helping men experience freedom from sexual addiction and intimacy anorexia for the past four years. Kenny's approach is grace-based, without shame or judgment, remaining centered on the truth of Scripture and our new identity in Christ.

Stephanie Stafford, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Stephanie, along with her twin sister Jamie Reid, owns and operates Renewing The Ruined Ministry which exists to help and empower women who have experienced betrayal trauma.

David Wedel, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

David is the founder of Worthy Journey; a ministry focused on leading men to build a life of freedom from sexual sin. He is originally from Germany and has been in the USA since 1997. He has dealt with a relationship with pornography and masturbation ever since he was a teenager. It wasn’t until he sought and received help that he found lasting victory, freedom, and sobriety. His passion now is to help other men find freedom from their unwanted sexual behavior.

David has been married to his wife, Amy, since 1999. They have six kids and live in central Missouri. He loves soccer, movies, and traveling.

Lila Pisor, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Lila is a co-founder of Regener8 Mentoring LLC, mentoring those struggling with sexual addiction and specializing in working with betrayed spouses. Lila also works part-time at New Creation Ministries in Fresno, CA as a Pastoral Counselor. She loves seeing couples and individuals come into their true identities. Lila also sings, enjoys walking in nature with her husband, and connecting with her girlfriends.

Rocky Pisor, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor

Rocky is passionate about finding the path of hope and healing within the difficult experience of sexual brokenness and hopelessness. He understands this place as one who emerged out of it to live a restored life.
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