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Jana Fehr


Jana Fehr is the wife of Leigh Fehr and the mother of 4 wonderful children. She has 12+ years of experience as a homeschooling mom and has served as a missionary in Japan with her husband and children. Jana is a Certified Professional Mentor and understands relational trauma through her first-hand experience of her husband’s betrayal. She works with betrayed partners and is available for 1-on-1 mentoring and group mentoring. Jana is also trained in Full Disclosures through APSATS. She believes in God’s plan for personal redemption and restoration, even in deep brokenness, and carries a personal vision for wholeness for women who need to know it is possible! If you are looking for a trauma-informed mentor with personal experience dealing with sexual addiction in a spouse, contact Jana to learn more about how she can help you.

Jana lives in Manchester, MI, with her husband and two youngest children. Her oldest daughter is married and her second daughter currently attends a local Christian University.  Jana continues to educate her other two children in a homeschool setting in their local area.

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