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The Hero's Journey: From Recovery to Redemption

Where are you now?

Many people in recovery from addiction or trauma make the mistake of thinking the goal is their sobriety or freedom from trauma reactions. But it’s not. God has more for you.

Your recovery is just the beginning of a Hero’s Journey that can lead you to living a joyous redemptive life spent helping others. How? By letting God use your story for His glory.

But first, you’ll need a roadmap that’ll help you move through the 4 Stages from Hopeful to Heroic on your road to redemption. It all begins with this question…

Where are you now? And what’s your goal? To get help, or to get help so you can serve God by helping others? Join us.

“I came to you for help. Now I'm healthy and mentoring others.”

M.P.Former sexual struggler & Heroic

We'll Help You At Every Stage


Expectant & Optimistic


Dedication & Endurance


Growth & Wisdom


Bold & Courageous

Stage 1: Hopeful

Frustration, despair, or hopelessness may have worn you down. But somehow, you summoned up the courage to fight and not give up on yourself. And now you’re here, Hopeful and looking for solutions. You’ve come to the right place. Our Daily Disciplines™, virtual summits, and mentors will guide you and set you on a course for freedom.

  • Early crisis, decision, and information gathering stage
  • Likely experiencing shock and grief or ambivalence
  • Focused on self, you may still blame or try to fix others
  • Sees pain and consequences, ready to ask for help
  • Unconscious incompetence (Ignorance)
  • Unaware of skills needed and lacks proficiency

Stage 2: Gutsy

On your Hero’s Journey, Gutsy is where the hard work and heavy lifting of recovery and healing happens. Expect to be here for a while because recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. The help and guidance of your Daily Disciplines™ and a Certified Professional Mentor™ are essential.

  • Shock and grief give way to lots of repair work
  • Focus still on self, but able to help others, too
  • Owns problems and consequences, surrendered
  • Transformation, deep internal restructuring occurs here
  • Conscious incompetence (Awareness)
  • You’re aware of skills you need, but not yet proficient

Stage 3: Braveful

Braveful is a beautiful place to be. While there’s still more recovery work to be done, you now look forward to it as you shift your focus from repair work to growth. Your Daily Disciplines™ will help you to stay motivated. This is also the best time to become a Certified Professional Mentor™.

  • Your time is shifting from repair work to growth
  • Focus shifts from serving self to serving God and others
  • You’re crossing the chasm from recovery to redemption
  • Major progress addressing underlying, root cause issues
  • Conscious competence (Learning)
  • Able to use new skills, but only with conscious effort

Stage 4: Heroic

Congratulations! You’re now living a redemptive life. As you continue to use the Daily Disciplines™ and other tools to maintain your recovery, your focus is now on serving God and helping others. This is where our Certified Professional Mentors™ are finding purpose in their pain.

  • Recovery maintenance mode, primarily focused on growth
  • Able to partner with God in ministering to other’s needs
  • Spiritual growth and maturity increases godly wisdom
  • Wisdom, maturity attracts mentoring opportunities
  • Unconscious competence (Mastery)
  • Recovery, growth skills come automatically, 2nd nature

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